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  History - Some Interesting Facts

Some interesting historical facts about Gorefield and past inhabitants

  A History of Gorefield : Photos from the Past : Some Interesting Facts
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Did you know that during the last 100 years Gorefield had:-
  5 Road Bridges and 1 Foot Bridge
3 Public Houses
3 Village Shops
3 Bicycle Repair Shops
2 Garage and Petrol Stations
2 Village Halls
2 Tennis Courts
2 Fish and Chip Shops
1 Blacksmith Shop with 3 Smithies
1 Electrical Repair Shop
1 Basket maker and shop
1 Windmill
1 Scout and Girls Brigade Hut
1 Army Cadet Hut
1 District Nurse
Also, did you know?
  Bunny and Nancy Hurst were Postmaster and Postmistress of the village.
The Post Office was once at No 8 Churchill Road.
The first butchers shop was on the Woodmans Car Park.
Gorefield Football Club has played on 6 fields over the last 50 years.
Just after the 2nd World War you had to pay 2d to watch Gorefield play a Cup Match on Wales’ field (Now St Marks Road).
Jimmy Revell was the first chairman Gorefield Football Club 1920.
The worst blow suffered by Gorefield Football Club was before the war when in a match on Wisbech Park a player was badly kicked and died before he could be taken to hospital.
Acknowledgements: Maurice Young
Isle of Ely Playbus
Isle of Ely Playbus Isle of Ely Playbus
  I was the driver of the isle of Ely Play bus from 1980-2. It travelled from one village to another stopping at designated schools to provide early years education. This was promoted by the late Clement Freud, the then M.P. whose wife Jill did a great deal to support the scheme. It was designed to start play groups in all the Cambridgeshire villages in the Fens surrounding Wisbech. It had a paid teacher provided by the county council, Miss Farrow, and Pauline Goakes and a driver. Peter Thatcher
Acknowledgements: Peter Thatcher
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