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Software (see Disclaimer Notice)

There is so much software available these days and some of it is even free.

Office Packages
Most suppliers provide an office suite, usually Microsoft Works, with the computer. If you didn't get one or you want a better package without having to upgrade it to Microsoft Office then LibreOffice is free software that will read (and write) Microsoft documents.

Web Browsers and E-mail Applications
With the increase in viral and other attacks, which are almost solely against Windows and Windows products, you may want to use a different browser and a different e-mail application. Internet Explorer and Outlook are the products most used mainly because Microsoft supply them as part of the operating system but they are not the only ones available. Alternative browsers and e-mail applications are gaing in popularity due to their better security against attack.

There are several alternative browsers available - some of the free ones are Opera and Mozilla Firefox. Some of the alternative e-mail applications are Opera (combined with the browser), Mozilla Thunderbird. These, and more, are often available in various PC magazines on their cover disc.

Shareware and Freeware
Shareware is software that you can try for a while then pay for it if you want to continue to use it. Freeware is the same except that it is free to use. There is software to do just about anything.

Commercial Software
There is a vast amount of commercial software and many places to purchase it from. I find that Amazon and dabs.com are good online suppliers of software (as well as for hardware - dabs.com will often deliver next day for smaller items if they are in stock).
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