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Welcome to Gorefield Ebuy!
Here on Ebuy you can advertise items you want to sell and items you want to buy. This service is free to residents of Gorefield only (no commercial items) and entries will be checked for suitable content (see disclaimer below).

How to include an item wanted or for sale
Simply fill in the form on the Add an Item page, include a small picture if required (max size 640 x 640), and send the form. We will include the item, once it has been checked, as soon as we can. You will be sent a confirmation e-mail informing you about inclusion on Ebuy - please keep this until the item sells. Please do not submit more than 5 items at a time to allow space for others. Items will be displayed with the latest at the top of the page.

How the item is displayed
Items will be displayed using the text you send so make sure it reads correctly. The title will be used to head the item so make it short and descriptive. If you send a picture the this will also be displayed alongside the text. Items will be displayed for a minimum of 4 weeks and removed sometime after that.

When you find what you want or the item sells
If the items sells before the end of the 4 weeks please let us know, by replying to the confirmation e-mail, and we will remove the item. This will save you getting further enquiries for a sold or wanted item and leave more space for other items.

We are not responsible for errors in description, omissions or any misleading information. We are also not responsible for non payment or fraudulent transactions. Items are displayed using the text and graphics supplied to us without modification. We reserve the right to withhold entries if the content is not suitable, if we believe the entry is not from a resident of Gorefield or it is being sold commercially.
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